Perfect free wedding ceremony on 03.


From: Natalie J., June 6, 2022

Of course, the memories of our free wedding ceremony at the Parkhotel Bilm im Glück are more than just positive. We still get a rush of happiness when we think back to this special, perfect day. The whole team was super friendly, especially Mrs. Hatesuer. Small mistakes that can happen were corrected very quickly and so everything was perfect at the beginning of the free wedding ceremony! The food was delicious and the ambience was beautiful. We took advantage of the all-in offer and were provided with a great photo box, which was extremely popular with our guests, we were able to make use of the beautiful flowers offered by Bloomerie Sehnde and DJ Wolfgang played great music throughout the day and was always on hand to help us with small presentations when we needed or wanted him to. The tables were beautifully set. With the idea of letting wish balloons fly and a firework display as the grand finale, the day could only be magical. The party actually went on until 4 a.m. thanks to the great DJ.
Of course, we can only recommend the Parkhotel and would like to return to this beautiful hotel for every wedding day. It also has individually decorated rooms, which we really liked.
Sincerely, Mike and Natalie J.

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