Super satisfied and happy that we chose your location.


From: Patrick G., May 9, 2022

The welcome was very nice and we felt right at home from the very first second. We were able to enjoy the entire garden and take beautiful photos. All the guests were delighted with the location and spread out everywhere and inspected everything. Everyone felt well looked after and everything went really smoothly. The cake was very well received and there was also a lot of positive feedback about the food. The DJ was also great and did a good job. The waiters were also very quick and attentive. All in all, a well-rounded affair, without stress or any mishaps. A perfect day and a successful day. Thank you very much! We would love to come back.
Comfortable bed, nice bathroom, large shower. Everything was wonderful.
Everything was very clean.
A very nice hotel which is also super equipped and you feel very comfortable.
The food was very tasty. Perhaps it would be nicer for the guests if there was a small note at each meal about what exactly it is.
The outdoor area looks well maintained, you have several options to sit down comfortably and many opportunities to take beautiful photos.

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  • thumb_upLocation
  • thumb_upService in the restaurant
  • thumb_upFood
  • thumb_upService
  • thumb_upRoom size
  • thumb_upBeds
  • thumb_upRoom
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  • thumb_upProfessionalism in service
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  • thumb_upShower
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